Toyota of N Charlotte shares 5 hurricane prep tips

N Charlotte Toyota tipsHurricane Florence is coming and while it’s luckily weakening out at sea, it’s still going to affect Charlotte with heavy rains and high winds. Your best bet to save time, money and stress is to prep now, and Toyota of N Charlotte is here with 5 tips to help you do it efficiently and quickly. Get your car ready for the storm before it hits!

Prep for the hurricane before it arrives

Tip #1: Make sure your car insurance is where it needs to be. Before the storm arrives, verify you insurance coverage and make sure you have all the coverage you need. Locate your insurance policy and a contact number for the insurance company so you’re ready, and take pictures of your N Charlotte Toyota both before and after the storm so they have them for verification.

Tip #2: Prep your car so it’s ready to take on the storm. Make sure that your car is emptied out when it comes to personal items and valuables – you could lose them in the storm. Also, take all important paperwork (like registration, etc.) out of the glovebox and put it somewhere safe. When you’re done be sure to lock all doors, close all windows, and secure the sunroof and hatch. Don’t give water a chance to get in!

Tip #3: Decide where you’re going to park. It’s important to park wisely during a hurricane. To avoid damage from high winds and debris, it’s a good idea to park your Toyota under cover (preferably, in a garage). If you can’t, at least avoid parking it near light poles or trees. Also consider flooding – if the area you’re in is prone to flooding, then move your car to higher ground to avoid costly water damage.

Tip #4: Be wary of water when the storm has passed. It’s tempting to get in your car and get back to normal life after the hurricane has passed, but be careful! You should avoid driving through puddles because you never know how deep they are. Deep water can spell big trouble for your car’s electrical and mechanical components. Try to find an alternate route; if you can’t and you’re halfway through the puddle when you discover it’s deep, back out instead of pushing through.

Tip #5: Address any and all flood damage immediately. Look for flood damage on your car as soon as the hurricane is past. It’s pretty obvious if water for into the cabin, but remember to check the trunk, too! Also, turn your N Charlotte Toyota on to ensure it can start and run, and be sure to check electrical components like the radio, A/C, heater, lights, etc. to ensure everything is working as it should.

Toyota of N Charlotte can help you deal with flood damage to your car

From our family to yours, please be safe during the storm! If you need help dealing with flood damage to your car afterward, call Toyota of N Charlotte at (704) 875-9199.

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