Mold On Furniture And Cabinets, Broken Air Conditioners And Rats

CHARLOTTE, NC. —  Mold on furniture and cabinets, broken air conditioners and rats. Those are the conditions residents at a Charlotte apartment complex are living with. City leaders are taking action to help the residents, and make sure nobody else has to live in those conditions.
They’re pushing for stricter property owner legislation, to keep what they call ‘slumlords’, out of Charlotte.

Lyanna Fleming says she had no idea what she was getting herself into when she moved into the lake arbor apartments in March.

“I came out and it was mold everywhere. Like couch, in the kitchen, pantry, room, there was even mold on my shoes,” says Fleming.

She says it started when her air conditioner broke. Fleming says the property manager ignored her maintenance request. She took matters into her own hands and hired an inspector.

“Everything that he tested in this house was mold. In my air vent I had the worst type of mold it is.”

The city began investigating The Lake Arbor Apartments a few months ago. Since then, Code Enforcement says 56 of the complex’s 267 units have been brought into compliance. Charlotte City Council member, Braxton Winston, says the city can only do so much.

“We can go and do code enforcement, but there’s nothing to say that we can protect residents, should we come and start an investigation,” says Winston.

Adding, the city needs more power to deal with, what he calls, ‘slumlords’.

“We need to go to the General Assembly and say hey, these things need to happen if we really care about equity and affordable housing.”

The Lake Arbor Apartments property owner is supposed to present a corrective action plan to city staff on October 9th. Code Enforcement says residents in eight units have received emergency housing relocation services.