Neighbor Holds Suspect at Gunpoint After Car Chase Ends in SouthPark

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Two of four suspects are in custody after a police car chase ended in SouthPark on Saturday night.

One neighbor says he held one of the suspects at gunpoint until police arrived.

“For me, I was scared. You know, scared for my life,” says Stewart McKibben.

The chase ended one street over from his home on Manning Drive.

Police say four suspects in the car, which was stolen, jumped out – one of them running up the hill and into McKibben’s backyard.

“He was coming through the fence, I turned my back to see him, you know, full sprint up the steps to where I then drew my firearm,” McKibben says.

McKibben says with the gun in hand and with his German Shepherd dog by his side, he talked the suspect into going back down the steps and getting on the ground.

“The look in his eyes, was one of the things that kind of asked for someone to be compassionate almost, and at that moment it just made sense to get him to comply, and luckily, he did,” McKibben says.

McKibben says the suspect begged him not to release the dog and seemed more afraid of it than the gun. His fiancé waved down police who took the man into custody a few minutes later.

McKibben shared a cell phone video he shot of the moment the arrest happened. Another suspect was also captured but two others escaped.

Police say the stolen car was taken from an apartment complex six miles away near Pineville.

McKibben says he’s glad he and his dog were there when the chase ended.

“First time ever pulling a firearm on somebody and hopefully the last time,” he says.