4 reasons you should always take a test drive

N Charlotte Toyota tipsNowadays, it seems like you can do pretty much everything online. Order takeout, buy your groceries, shop for a new wardrobe… and it can all be delivered straight to your door. In fact, there are even some dealerships out there that will let you buy a new car completely online and deliver it to your house. However, while that solution may seem great at face value, our N Charlotte Toyota dealership doesn’t recommend it.

Why is a test drive essential?

Taking a test drive is an essential part of your car shopping experience. We know – it’s just one more thing to add to your plate when you’ve already done a ton of research looking for the right car and the right place to buy it. However, a test drive is important and we’re here to explain why you should NEVER skip it.

#1: You can conduct your own inspection.

When you drive out to Toyota of N Charlotte to see the car in person and take a test drive, you have the opportunity to conduct your own inspection. You can check the exterior for any dings, scratches, dents, or accident damage, and also give the tires and suspension a onceover to ensure they’re in good condition. You can climb into the cabin to make sure it smells clean and mildew-free and also examine the upholstery and carpet for stains or wear and tear. And don’t forget, this is also your shot to test out all the knobs, buttons, and other gadgets to ensure they work, as well as be on the lookout for dashboard lights.

#2: You can see how it feels to sit in the driver’s seat.

Is the car comfortable? The last thing you want to do is get stuck with a car that doesn’t suit your drive tiem needs. How does it feel to sit in the driver’s seat? Can you reach everything? What about the backseat – is it spacious enough for your passenger needs? Can you easily get a car seat in and out? Make sure you like the layout of the car and don’t have bad blind spots before you buy.

#3: You can examine the car in action.

This part of the test drive is absolutely essential. It’s important to ensure that you like how the car drives before you buy it. Does it accelerate at the rate you need? How about braking – do you feel like the brakes are responsive enough? This is also your shot to see how difficult it is to park (both normally and parallel) and see if it’s simple to back the car up.

Take yours today at Toyota of N Charlotte

#4: You have other options and all the information you need.

Worst case, you hate the car once you’re behind the wheel. But here’s the good news – since you visited our N Charlotte Toyota dealership for a test drive, you’re already working with a knowledgeable sales associate who can steer you in the direction of other similar options AND answer any and all questions you have.

Ready for your test drive? Call Toyota of N Charlotte today at (704) 875-9199.

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