Car Break-In Suspects Open Fire on Homeowner Who Confronted Them

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Two car break-in suspects opened fire on a Northwest Charlotte woman who confronted them Monday morning.

Claudia Finney says she had just woken up around 5:00 when she heard a noise outside her home on Rosfield Drive.

“I get up, I look out. There’s some guys outside looking in the cars,” she explains.

Fearing they were going to break in, she decided to confront them from her upstairs bedroom window.

“Get my window up and I’m like, ‘Hey you!’ you know, of course I said some cusses, ‘Get the F away from my car!'” she says.

She did not expect what happened next.

“And then he was like, “Yo! B and then he started shooting,” Finney says.

She says the two suspects, who looked to be in their late teens, fired several times. A bullet landed just above the window she was looking out of.

“Of course, I ducked. You know, thank God,” Finney says.

No one got hurt.

Police say before the shooting, the suspects had broken in a car down the street.

Finney thinks the neighborhood is an easy target, because it’s new. Most homes are under construction.

“In the nighttime, it’s totally pitch black back here,” she explains.

She’s pushing for street lights to keep her and her neighbors safe.

“We are definitely easy because, you know, you don’t want to sit in your windows, you don’t want to sit out on your porch, having to protect yourself, but if we definitely got lights out here, I mean it would definitely help us,” she says.

Police say they have not made any arrests.