UNCC Student Trying To Get Local Officials Involved In Gun Violence Conversation

CHARLOTTE, NC. —  Thoughts and prayers aren’t enough. That message  from a UNC Charlotte student whose leading the push for local gun violence prevention.  He’s working to get City and County leaders involved in the conversation to affect change. Something that’s harder than he anticipated.

Days after the April 30th deadly shooting at UNC Charlotte, Cade Lee sent an email blast to all City and County leaders, asking for an urgent meeting. Lee is the director of the UNC Charlotte March For Our Lives.

“Asking them that if the don’t meet with us, it shows a lack of action and lack of passion for the issues our community is plagued with,” says Lee.

Lee has partnered with Charlotte NAACP President Corine Mack. They want City and County officials to fund a local gun violence prevention education program. Informing the community on: conflict resolutions, cultural awareness, gun safety, gun violence and implicit bias.

“It’s really something that we need to bring to the community and bring to these schools and students so that they realize there are issues that need to be faced.”

Mayor Pro Tem Julie Eiselt accepted a meeting with Lee and Mack Thursday. They say it wasn’t productive. Mack says Eiselt was dismissive.

“Julie Eiselt actually accused me of writing the email, she actually turned her back to me, as a black woman, and spoke to him,” says Charlotte NAACP President Corine Mack.

Eislet declined to comment on that, but sent WCCB a statement saying in part:

I applaud the UNCC students for engaging in this work, and as I told their representative, I am ready to meet with them again, to look at their proposals.

Council member Braxton Winston says Lee and Mack’s requests are feasible. In fact, he’s been working on it.

“I’ve already asked for money to find ways in this upcoming budget cycle to find ways to research ways that we can reduce gun violence,” says Winston.

The UNC Charlotte students met with the County Manager too. Most Council members have also responded, but WCCB is told Mayor Lyles has not, even after two attempts.