ONLY ON WCCB: UNC Charlotte Student “Strongly Considering” A Run For Charlotte City Council

CHARLOTTE, NC.– The mostly millennial Charlotte City Council might have to make way for a Gen Z’er.  A UNC Charlotte senior, whose frustrated by a lack of action after the deadly campus shooting, is considering running in the upcoming election.

Gabe Cartagena leads the push for gun violence prevention after the UNC Charlotte shooting. The 21-year-old’s platform goes beyond that. He says he understands the problems in our community and wants to help create lasting change.

Cartagena would run for the District 4 seat, it’ll be open in November. Incumbent Democrat, Greg Phipps, is retiring. If elected – Cartagena would be the youngest person and only Latino on the Council. UNC Charlotte is part of the district.

“We are voting adults and the policies in acted by the city directly affect us. The 2040 plan, I’m going to be 40, that will be the city that I live in,” says Cartagena.

Passion for politics led him to help create Real Change Now Charlotte. It’s a student group rallying for gun violence prevention following the deadly campus shooting on April 30th. He was disappointed in city leadership after the shooting.

“I feel like they did not grasp the level of anger and frustration and fear and sadness that we actually like felt.”

Current City Council member Braxton Winston can relate. He turned to politics after protesting the police shooting of Keith Scott in 2016.

“The types of leaders that I wanted weren’t emerging. So it was a bit of, if not me who, if not now then when. So I jumped into it,” says Winston.

Winston says age doesn’t necessarily matter.

“You don’t need a certain degree or a certain background or a certain job experience, you need to have the willingness to serve.”