Habitat For Humanity Home Giving A Woman & Her Daughter A Second Chance

CHARLOTTE, NC. — A Hidden Valley home that used to be a hot spot for violence and drugs, is giving a woman and her daughter a second chance. This new beginning is all thanks to volunteers with Habitat for Humanity.

Alongee Archer works and goes to school full time. She was barely making ends meet, living in a small apartment in North Charlotte.

“I never thought that I would have enough money to be a homeowner,” says Archer.

It’s been years in the making, Wednesday she received the keys to her dream home.

There was a house that used to stand on the Spring Garden Lane lot, which was a hot spot for violence and drugs until 2014.

“At their successful criminal prosecution in Charlotte-Mecklenburg identified this property to us as a viable candidate for the US Marshall services Operation Goodwill,” says US Attorney Andrew Murray.

Operation Goodwill is a federal program designed to rejuvenate neighborhoods and communities impacted by drugs and other violent criminal activities. The property was given to Habitat for Humanity, which tore it down. Finally, Archer and her daughter got their turn to get a house.

She got help building it from volunteers with the Department of Justice, CMPD and Habitat for Humanity.

“This is the house that love built. I don’t care what happened here before, this has turned into something amazing,” says Archer.

Archer and her daughter will move in on May 30th.