ONLY ON WCCB: Outrage After Hateful, Racist Email Was Sent To Parent Of Youth Baseball Player

KANNAPOLIS, NC. —  Outrage on social media after a hateful and racist email was sent to the parent of a Kannapolis youth baseball player.  No one knows who sent it or why. WCCB has learned the league is now hiring an expert to track them down.

Baffled, offended and in shock, just some of the emotions Kayla Renken is still processing after she got an email Tuesday. Not long before her 7-year-old son’s baseball game with Kannapolis Dixie Youth Baseball.

“This was like just a smack in the face to us, because we haven’t done anything,” says Renken.

Renken says a fake email address sent the email saying other Kannapolis Dixie Youth parents wanted them to stop cheering at games.

The email said in part: “Acting like rednecks isn’t fun for children. Also, whoever the man with the tattoos is, please have him cover them. They scare some of the parents, even the African Americans don’t scare that bad.” 

Talking about Renken’s husband.

“He’s so polite he so respectful, those tattoos don’t make him who he is.”

Renken posted the email on social media, and it blew up. Getting hundreds of shares, comments and reactions.

The Vice President of Kannapolis Dixie Youth Baseball tells WCCB they are taking it very seriously. The organization put a statement on its Facebook page. Saying in part: “Our board is disgusted with the disturbing message and all agree that this type of language  is completely unacceptable.”

There’s been police presence at the games ever since this happened. The organization is hiring an IT professional track down the IP address of whoever sent the email. When the league finds out who did, the person will be permanently banned from the league.

Renken hopes the organization will get to the bottom of it, for the sake of the kids.