The I-77 Construction Saga Continues

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Despite a portion of the toll lanes opening on I-77, there’s still a lot of work still needs to be done. Which could cause a major headache for drivers.

The Northern section of I-77 Express opened on June 1st, but construction is far from over. Between repaving, ramp construction, barrier construction, utilities, along with a laundry list of other construction projects along the full 26-mile corridor.

Some of the work will be on general purpose lanes, so traffic will be diverted to express lanes. You won’t have to pay a toll if that happens.

The southern portion of the express lanes still needs to be finished too.

The deadline for the project to be done was supposed to be last year, but now it’s moved to October 31st.

Drivers are less than thrilled about the holdup.

“Like any general construction It’s going to have rerouting, so it is going to create traffic until the problem is fixed,” says Fort Mill resident Jose Montes.

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