Survivor Of UNC Charlotte Campus Tragedy Is Speaking Out

CHARLOTTE, NC. — One of the survivors of the campus tragedy at UNC Charlotte is speaking out. Rami Al-Ramadhan is back on campus taking summer classes. He shared his story of survival with WCCB Charlotte’s Alexandra Elich.

It’s a wrist band freshman Rami-Alramadhan never takes off. It’s Niner green, spelling out “Charlotte Strong”. On the other wrist, a scar continues to heal. Both reminders of the shooting that almost claimed his life on April 30th.

“I realized that I have to be strong and to complete my career as a mechanical engineer at UNCC,” says Al-Ramadhan.

Rami and WCCB Charlotte’s Alexandra Elich took a walk to the Kennedy building. It’s haunting, roped off with red tape. It’s where a gunman shot Rami and three other students and killed classmates Riley Howell and Reed Parlier.

“It feels weird. I don’t feel afraid to be there again.”

The deadly shooting happened during a presentation on the last day of an anthropology class. He describes chaos after the gunman stormed into the classroom and opened fire.

“I was running, so from the middle here. That’s what I remember.”

Rami ran to a nearby building, where classmates helped treat his wounds in the stairwell. Bloodied and thousands of miles away from his family.

“I was thinking about my family because they live in Saudi-Arabia not here. I just wanted to call my father and mother to tell them that I’m okay.”

Rami spent two days in the the hospital.

He says he wants to graduate for Riley and Reed.