Panthers Superfan Ecstatic To See “Mr. McCaffrey”

Superfan Gets Super Excited After Getting Autographs From Her Favorite Panthers Players

Christy McCallum picked a great day to make her first ever visit to Panthers training camp.

Her goal? Meet her favorite players and get their autographs.

Mission accomplished.

The Spartanburg, South Carolina native lined up with hundreds of others along the fence, hoping to get the attention of the Panthers players who took time after practice to interact with fans.

McCallum caught the attention of everyone in the area, shouting “Mr. McCaffrey! Mr. McCaffrey!”

Soon after, Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey walked her way, sharpie in hand.

McCallum said it was the best day of her life! It was better than winning the lottery.

That’s because McCallum felt like she hit the jackpot.

Christy McCallum got her autograph. And made sure the little kids standing beside her got one too.

Tough to say which reaction is better! Check out the full video below.