Dirt Bike Rider Killed in Crash During Police Pursuit

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – It’s something police say they’re dealing with time and time again in Charlotte.

Large groups of ATV and dirt bike riders taking over the streets. Officers say it’s dangerous — and illegal.

“We’re seeing that they’re not stopping at red lights, they’re not stopping at stop signs, they’re driving fast,” says CMPD Lt. Mike Anderson.

33-year-old Michael Adams died Sunday night after crashing his dirt bike on West Boulevard during a police pursuit. It happened just after 8:00pm.

“Lost control, struck a curb, and was ejected from the bike and struck a pillar on the bridge under I-77,” says CMPD Sgt. Jesse Wood.

An officer on a dual-sport bike had been following a group of about 15 people on ATV’s and dirt bikes – including Adams.

That officer spotted them just after a woman reported encountering the riders at a nearby Bojangles.

She told police she was assaulted, then riders surrounded her car, damaging it, and taking off.

Police later charged 35-year-old Chavis Doby with Assault on a Female.

“Those groups are not supposed to be on the roadway,” says North Carolina Highway Patrol Trooper Ray Pierce.

Pierce says if you encounter one of these groups, you should try to avoid them, and call 911.

“If you’re a driver, yeah, the main thing is you want to avoid a collision with that pack,” Pierce says.