Naked Man Watering Lawn Upsets Neighbors in East Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Neighbors say they’re fed up with a man walking around naked in his front yard.

“I done seen my neighbor come out here butt naked (on) three different occasions!” says East Charlotte resident Eddie McGee.

Monday a woman called police to report the man watering his lawn naked outside a home on Pennwood Lane.

McGee says he’s gotten an eyeful several times too.

“I went to try to get my phone, but he ran in the house!” McGee says.

Neighbors say they’re all too familiar with the home that’s covered in spray paint, with a messy yard, and several no trespassing signs.

“From what I have witnessed, if you don’t bother him, he won’t bother you,” says neighbor Rhonda Fitzgerald.

She says while her neighbor might be eccentric, he doesn’t need to be naked.

“Nobody should see that!” she says.

Neighbors now say they’re worried about their safety.

“That’s really weird. I mean, I have children and it’s like, makes you uncomfortable,” says neighbor Ebony Lytle.

She says she’s seen the man walking around the neighborhood acting strange.

“You know, you see him. You just say ‘hey,’ mind your business and maybe he’ll mind his, but if he’s doing stuff like that, then no, I don’t feel comfortable at all,” Lytle says.

Jakiem El says he had an encounter with the man when he was cutting the grass.

“He was just standing there with his penis out. Just like ‘This is it, what’s up you know?'” he says.

Police say they didn’t make an arrest after Monday’s incident.

But neighbors say they want something done.

“I don’t understand why this is still happening,” McGee says.

The law says even if you’re on private property you can be charged with indecent exposure if you’re exposing yourself to someone off the property.

Usually it’s a misdemeanor but if the victim is under 16, it can be charged as a felony.