Swampy Feels and Evening Storms

Didn’t get that Caribbean vacay like you wanted this summer? Well you’re in luck because we’ve got the tropical feels here over the next few days. Highs will reach the mid 90s with dew points in the mid 70s. Meaning? Sticky, Humid, Muggy, Swampy, Soupy — whatever your descriptor of choice – the air will feel thick and it will be feeling more like 103-107. Chance storms today, a few could be strong to severe with damaging wind being the biggest threat. Cold front moves through tomorrow bringing on better rain and storm chances. Highs will likely remain in the 90s through the week with overnight lows falling into the low 70s.
Today: M. Sunny & Hot. High: 96 Wind: SW 5-10 mph
Tonight: Chance Storm. Low: 75 Wind: SW 5-8 mph
Wed: Storms Likely. High: 93 Wind: Light
Wed Night: M. Cloudy. Low: 72 Wind: Calm