We’re Getting A Look Into Planning For 2020 RNC

CHARLOTTE, NC. — We are one year away from the Republican National Convention in the Queen City. We’re getting a look into planning for the event, Charlotte’s top cop says they’re ahead of the game.

Chief Kerr Putney says preparations for the 2020 RNC are well underway.

“Our people, may of whom were here in 2012 had a templet to go by, we know this is a different ball game, but the progress is moving a lot better then I would have anticipated,” says Chief Putney.

Dozens of Bridge the Difference Ambassadors, listening to Chief Putney and others from CMPD talk about what they can expect. Including–more protesters than we saw in 2012.

“Security is a big issue, and just any way that we can support him and what the police are doing and back them up,” says Bridge the Difference Ambassador Edwin Scale.

Putney wants the volunteers to be the department’s eyes and ears during the RNC.

“If you see something say something. This is an opportunity we see around the country. That specific phrase saves lives,” says Chief Putney.

CMPD is rolling out a mobile app that will essentially be a virtual police officer. You can chat with officers, submit tips, reports, suspicious activity and ask questions.

“We talk about community engagement, now it’s going to go virtual. You basically have a cop in your pocket.”

Like 2012, Putney says we can expect fencing and added patrols in Uptown. Right now, there are 367 ambassadors. The RNC host committee also needs volunteers. It’s looking for thousands to work leading up to and during the convention.