5 Things to Know: September 13th

Third Presidential Debate Had Contenders Targeting Former VP Biden

The third democratic presidential debate is now in the books. Once again, all eyes were on Joe Biden as his rivals took shots at the former vice president, hoping to chip away at his lead. Biden’s pitch was similar to the last two debates. He believes he’s best positioned to take on President Trump. The first primary contests are less than five months away..

Actress Sentencing Today For Actress in College Admissions Scandal

Actress Felicity Huffman is slated to be sentenced today in the college admissions scandal. The actress pleaded guilty in may to paying 15-thousand-dollars to a fake charity to rig her daughter’s SAT scores. Prosecutors want her to spend a month in prison and pay a hefty fine.

Protesters Rally to Protest Override of Governor’s Veto

Protesters gathered outside the general assembly in Raleigh Thursday, angry over what they call the dishonest and cowardly override of Governor Roy Cooper’s budget veto. The house speaker called the vote Wednesday while many House democrats were attending 9-11 events. The override passed 55 to nine, but still has to make it through the Senate.

Tech Companies Testify Before Senate Over “Digital Responsibility”

Leaders from Facebook, Twitter and Google will testify before a senate committee next week to talk about their quote “digital responsibility” when it comes to preventing mass violence and extremism spread online. Part of the discussion will also focus on how the companies will work with law enforcement, when violent or threatening content is posted on their platforms, and what steps will be taken to remove and prevent it.

Panthers Shut Down by Bucs

The Panthers off to a disappointing start in the regular season. Now 0 and 2 after losing to Tampa Bay last night. The Bucs held the Panthers to just 4 field goals and a safety. The final blow at end of the game? The Bucs held them on fourth and one on the two yard line.