Mecklenburg County Tax Collector Will Begin Collecting Unpaid Medic Bills October 1st

MECKLENBURG COUNTY, NC — The Mecklenburg County Office of the Tax Collector says it will begin collecting delinquent claims for the Mecklenburg County EMS Agency beginning October 1st.

The Office of the Tax Collector (OTC) released the following information as part of a news release Monday afternoon:

“North Carolina general statutes permit delinquent Medic claims to be collected utilizing the same enforcement actions available for delinquent taxes. This method of collection is employed by several other counties across the state and serves as an additional tool to minimize the required County fund dollars and/or additional rate increases to Medic invoices. Those whose services are covered by Medicaid, worker’s comp, hospice, or who qualify for charity write-offs will not be referred to the OTC.

When a Medic claim has been issued and remains unpaid for 120 days or more from the date of service, it will be referred to the OTC to initiate advanced tax collection methods, including garnishment. This will result in additional fees associated with the garnishment, which the claimant will be responsible for paying.”

Officials say Medic also uses the NC Debt Set-Off program and traditional collection agencies to recover outstanding claims.

Anyone seeking more information can visit the OTC website by clicking here or calling 980-314-4488.