6 signs you should never ignore when used car shopping

Does the thought of buying a used car make you slightly uneasy? You’re not the only one – buying a preowned vehicle can be a little bit more nerve-wracking because the car comes with a history. The best way to get around that uneasy feeling is to know exactly how to shop for a used car before you even set foot on the dealership lot or into the private seller’s driveway. Toyota of N Charlotte is here with 6 signs that you should never ignore when shopping a car that’s preowned!

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Toyota of N Charlotte lists used car warning signs

Sign #1: The car is already running when you arrive to test drive it.

If the car is already running when you show up for your test drive, it could be because the seller is trying to hide an issue with getting it started. Turn the car off, let it cool down, and then try to get it started again to see if it gets running smoothly.

Sign #2: You see rust on the body.

Rust means that the car wasn’t well cared for during its past ownership. If you see rust, chances are that the car hasn’t been getting regular service, either. Plus, rust on a used car can be expensive to fix and it can quickly do major damage to the exterior of the car.

Sign #3: The odometer doesn’t match up with the vehicle history report.

The odometer should ALWAYS match the mileage on the car’s vehicle history report. If it doesn’t, there’s a big chance that the odometer has been tampered with to make the car seem more attractive with lower mileage. Who knows what else is being covered up?

Avoid buying Charlotte used cars with these indicators

Sign #4: The panels seem misaligned on the exterior or you see signs of mismatched paint.

If exterior body panels don’t meet up or you see spots of mismatched paint colors, that could mean the car was in an accident. Be sure to ask the seller and check the vehicle history report to see if the crash was recorded. Always ask what repairs came out of the accident, too, so you don’t get stuck dealing with the damage later.

Sign #5: You smell mold or mildew anywhere on the interior of the car.

Mold and mildew smells are very hard to get rid of AND mean that the car was exposed to water. It may have only been rain damage because of an open window, but it also could have been from flooding. In that case, the engine and electrical systems could have also been damaged.

Sign #6: You see puddles underneath the car.

Seeing puddles under the car can indicate leaks in the engine bay. If you can’t identify the fluids, bring the car to a mechanic so they can take a second look at it and ensure nothing major is going on.

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