There’s A New Push To Prevent Domestic Violence Related Homicides

CHARLOTTE, NC. —   There’s a new push to prevent domestic violence related homicides. A tool CMPD has used to help victims, potentially saving thousands of lives, will now be used statewide. Attorney General Josh Stein made the announcement Wednesday.

“One life lost to domestic violence is one life too many,” says Stein.

The Lethality Assessment Protocol gives police a research-based checklist of factors to consider when responding to a domestic violence call. With questions like: Has he/she ever used a weapon against you or threatened you with a weapon?

If an officer determines that a victim is at risk of injury or death, they connect the victim to local domestic violence service providers for support. Like Safe Alliance.

Chief Kerr Putney says there were 40,000 domestic violence calls last year. 3,000 Lethality Assessments were done.

“Out of that about 3,000 assessments, about half of those people we found were in high danger. Ranked high in the danger category,” says Chief Putney.

CMPD has been doing them since 2012. Police in more than 90 counties in North Carolina had not been doing them.