A 73-Year-Old Woman Worries She May End Up On The Streets

CHARLOTTE, NC.– A 73-year-old woman worries she may end up on the streets. She’s being forced out of her home in the Belmont neighborhood by development. This woman is the latest victim of the affordable housing crisis.
Sharon Freedman is a low-income senior living in a neighborhood that’s gentrifying.

“Sometimes I say I haven’t lived my life, I’m 73, to end up on the street. To end up like this,” says Freedman.

The 73-year-old is paying $400 a month in rent for a duplex. Eight months ago, her landlord told her she had to move because her home will be torn down for redevelopment. She’s been searching ever since for something she can afford and has to be out by Monday.

“You know it’s scary. It’s been scary.”

Freedman says neighbors have already left, many staying with family. Her only local family, her partner of 18 years, died last year.  With no other options– she posted on the Next Door app pleading for help.

“This is the South. If somebody is offering to help you, they mean it and that’s what I’ve been finding.”

Neighbors made a Go Fund Me page. People have donated more than $5,000.

“It’s incredible.”

The city says the number of calls they’ve gotten about people in similar situations is growing.