Independent Legal Opinion: Chief Putney Retirement Plans DO NOT Violate Any State Or Local Laws

CHARLOTTE, NC — The City of Charlotte says CMPD Chief Kerr Putney’s plan to retire then return in a temporary role is not against any state or local laws.

In October, Chief Putney announced his plans to retire on January 1, 2020 then come back two months later to resume his position as chief through the Republican National Convention in August.

That announcement sparked backlash after the state treasurer said that plan may violate state law. However, an independent lawyer hired by the City now says Putney’s plan is allowed under law because he will be returning as a temporary employee.

You can read the full independent legal opinion provided by Poyner Spruill by clicking HERE.

Additional documents and information regarding Chief Putney’s retirement can be found below:

CMPD’s standard operating procedure for hiring back retired employees.

The city’s response to the Retirement Systems Division