Yes, The Panthers Lost. But Did Kyle Allen Prove Something?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Yes. The Panthers lost. But did Kyle Allen’s performance prove something to Carolina fans? Greg Olsen says what Kyle Allen did in Green Bay Sunday night was “as impressive a quarterback display as I’ve ever seen.” The veteran tight end continued “…we all saw the conditions. The weather. Down 14 in the fourth quarter. To lead us down the field like that was pretty incredible.”

The Panthers did lose 24 to 16. 23-year-old Allen himself isn’t happy, at all, with his performance, dismissing the good things he did by saying “doesn’t matter” and that he “has to play clean football or it’s not fair to this team.”

Charlotte Observer columnist Scott Fowler wrote that the game was Allen’s best performance yet. Fowler says in part: “…Allen…threw for a career-best 307 yards. He avoided countless sacks. He led drives of 82 and 88 yards at the end of the game, into the teeth of a Green Bay team that was up 24-10 to begin the fourth quarter and knew that Allen had to beat them through the air.”

And, “…what Allen did Sunday still bodes well for the future. He showed us something Sunday. He’s getting better before our eyes. And soon, he’s going to win a game just like that one.”

Panthers Head Coach Ron Rivera said, “Oh, Kyle played very well. He did a lot of good things. He may have tried to do a little too much. The unfortunate (thing) was we had the two turnovers. The hard one was we were in the red zone, we had the chance to put points on the board and he made a good move, got himself free, and then he tried to force the ball. And again, he’s young.”

Our question of the night: do you agree with Scott Fowler’s column: Did Kyle Allen play well, despite the Panthers’ loss?

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