Charlotte Mayor Announces Plan to Combat Rising Homicide Rate

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles is announcing her plan to address Charlotte’s rising homicide rate. The Mayor talked about the plan after being sworn-in for her second term along with the new City Council.

In January, she plans to ask City Council to look into which neighborhoods are most impacted by homicides.

The Mayor says Charlotte has been working with other cities to look for ideas. Lyles wants to start by working to figure out which suspects are most likely to re-offend.

“We’re going to use evidence-based practices to identify those people who have the potential for violence and target them for rehabilitation and change,” Lyles says.

This new initiative will be part of a busy agenda on tap for Charlotte’s newly sworn-in City Council.

Three new members are joining the 11-member board.

In the coming year, Charlotte with host the Republican National Convention. And very soon, council is expected to face a funding request to help bring Major League Soccer to Charlotte.