Edge On The Clock: Guess How Much Money Mariah Carey Makes Off “All I Want For Christmas” Every Year

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Take a guess how much money Mariah Carey makes every holiday season from the royalties of her hit holiday song, “All I Want For Christmas.” Would you believe: more than $1 million? And that doesn’t include streaming channel royalties. The 1994 song is Carey’s 12th best selling single of all time and has broken three Guinness World Records. The Economist estimates she’s made more than $60 million off it since it came out.

Plus, a couple in Iowa plans to turn their working dairy barn into a bed and breakfast, so people can sleep with the cows and watch them be milked.

And, more and more colleges are offering classes on “adulting.” The most recent course is “extremely popular” at UC Berkeley.