Authorities Investigating Social Media Page Showing Photos Snapped Inside Charlotte YMCA Locker Room

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – You’ll want to watch this story before going to the gym.  Someone is snapping photos and recording video of men inside the locker room of a Charlotte YMCA without them knowing.  And, they’re posting it all on social media.  Many of the people in the photos and video are completely naked.

Someone with the Twitter handle ‘CLT Locker Room Man’ is posting photo after naked photo.  Many of them were apparently snapped inside the locker room at the Dowd YMCA.  There’s also numerous video clips posted there.  A few of the posts date all the way back to December of last year, which obviously took many folks working out at the Y by surprise.

“They shouldn’t do that, but they should also have the security to make sure that doesn’t happen,” says one gym member.

“Whose taking these pictures? This is crazy,” says another gym member.

The YMCA of Greater Charlotte issued this statement:

“Recently we were made aware of inappropriate photos taken in the adult men’s locker room at the Dowd YMCA and shared on social media. This is in clear violation of the law and the YMCA of Greater Charlotte’s code of conduct, and we immediately notified CMPD and our private security firm.

We take very seriously the safety and well being of our members, guests and staff and have established policies and procedures relative to utilizing our facilities, including locker rooms.

The YMCA of Greater Charlotte strictly prohibits use of cell phones in lockers rooms and bathrooms as well as the use of social networking platforms in any manner that is in violation of the law, detrimental to our members or community, or contrary to our mission.

Any violation of this code of conduct results in an immediate ban from the YMCA of Greater Charlotte. 

We also utilize closed-circuit videotaped surveillance throughout our facilities during operational hours, and many branches, including Dowd YMCA, employ on-site security guards or off duty police officers to patrol our grounds and facilities. All employees and volunteers are required to undergo a background check prior to engaging with our organization. The Y checks all membership records, including all staff, against the National Sex Offender Registry daily.

We encourage our members to report any suspicious activity or inappropriate behavior to staff at any of our Y branches. The YMCA of Greater Charlotte remains committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for our members, guests and staff.” 


WCCB Charlotte will continue to follow this investigation.