The Mystery Man Behind The Scott Brooks Mural

CHARLOTTE, NC. — A NoDa street artist is honoring the life of a beloved sandwich shop owner. He goes by Stencil Spray on Instagram, and has made 50 stencils of Scott Brook’s face and placed them throughout NoDa.

Detectives believe would-be robbers killed Scott Brooks as he opened Brooks’ Sandwich House on December 9th.

The artist went to the vigil the next day.

“It’s really hammered home to me the loss that one person can be to a community when it’s tight. Hopefully, NoDa gets tighter because of it,” says Stencil Spray.

The Brooks family reached out to him to create a memorial of sorts. He started on a Saturday and worked until that Tuesday night to complete the mural.

It has Brooks’ face and his favorite saying.

“Scott Brooks said “too blessed to be stressed” so often that they had a little whiteboard in the kitchen that they would take an over-under type of poll. Like is he going to say it 10 times today and they would tick mark it when he said it.”

Stencil spray doesn’t want the community to forget.

“Maybe in 20 years when people who weren’t in NoDa see it they’re going to go, oh that’s the Brooks guy.”

@stencilspray worked on the mural with @tinker_bird_

Brooks’ Sandwich House is re-opening on Saturday, February 1st.

There is still a $21,000 reward in this unsolved case.