Trial Begins For Man Charged With Killing Newspaper Delivery Man

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Jury selection begins Tuesday for a man charged with the murder of a beloved newspaper delivery man.  Police say Roger Best shot and killed Walter “Wes” Scott, Jr, as he delivered newspapers in Uptown back n February of 2017.

Prosecutors say Best shot and killed Scott as he tried to rob him.  But, according to Best’s attorneys, their client was acting in self defense.  In court, prosecutors attempted to show Best was an habitual offender.  Days before the murder, they say he walked into a Publix on South Blvd, stole several items, and then showed the store manager a gun when he tried to stop him from leaving the store.

“He had his hand in his right pocket, and he pulled out and showed me his pistol, his gun.  He didn’t point it at me but he told me I needed to back off,”  says Publix Manager Britt Ferguson.

The store manager told the court he did not get a good look at the suspect.  But, police believe it was Best.  They say days later he shot and killed Scott.