Restaurants Across The Area Struggling Amid Coronavirus Concerns

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Matt Wohlfarph owns Dilworth Neighborhood Grill. He was pretty optimistic until Tuesday.

“It completely changed, instantaneously. We had actually pretty full bar, the word came out and everything changed immediately,” says Wohlfarph.

When Governor Roy Cooper announced an order limiting bars and restaurants to the sale of food and beverages to carry-out, drive-through and delivery. Wohlfarph’s entire serving staff gone for now. His only business is carry-out.

“Losing 2/3 of the business, without knowing it’s coming. This was supposed to be actually one of the best times of the year. March Madness, this is how we made it through the slower summer months.”

He isn’t alone. Restaurants across our area having the same issues.

Madison Brantley is the assistant general manager at Leroy Fox in South End.

“It’s been a little difficult I’m not going to lie. But we’ve tried to do the best that we can with the situation were in,” says Brantley.

Some patrons took their delivery to the patio.

“Patio service is still allowed with the appropriate social distancing. So we have to allow people at least 6 feet between each other so we kept our patio at a max of 10 people right now.”

Governor Coopers executive order states:
Restaurants are restricted to carry-out, drive-through, delivery, and onsite consumption in outdoor seating areas, subject to mass gathering restrictions to create an environment where staff and patrons maintain social distancing (at least 6 feet from other people) whenever possible.”

Wohlfarph says he called the health department to get clarification.

“They said it doesn’t matter if you’re 6 feet apart outside, doesn’t matter if you’re across the street you can’t,” says Wohlfarph.

With so much confusion, WCCB reached out to the county who said they were following the governor’s order. WCCB called and email the governor’s office for clarification and did not get a response.