Mecklenburg County Sheriff: ‘We’ve Planned For Stay At Home Order For Weeks’

MECKLENBURG CO, — Mecklenburg County’s Sheriff says his office has prepared for a “stay at home order” for weeks.

And, now- there’s a strict new screening process in place at the Detention Center Building in Uptown.  

Anyone who enters must now be screened  — that includes — having a nurse take your temperature.  Sheriff McFadden ays his staff is also taking steps to ensure social distancing among the more than 1500 inmates. There is a special pod available in case any inmates need to be quarantined.  

McFadden also says employees sanitize the jail several times a day.

A few states across the country have released non violent offenders during this pandemic to try and stop the spread of the virus.

But Mecklenburg County has not yet taken that step.

“The district attorney and the judicial official have been talking about it and I simply have to say if they file an order and bring that order to us we will follow that order and allow that person to be released,” says Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden.

The Wake County Sheriff announced it will suspend all pistol and concealed-carry permit applications because of the demand.  

Sheriff McFadden says that has been discussed, but there’s no plan in place right now. But the sheriff says that could soon change.