Health Care Workers On The Frontlines of Pandemic Must Protect Themselves, Patients

CHARLOTTE — Healthcare workers are on the front lines of this deadly Coronavirus pandemic.  Everyday they’re working to save the lives of their patients, while protecting themselves from the virus.

We spoke to a pediatric nurse with Levine Children’s Hospital about how her life and career has changed in the wake of this pandemic.

“It’s stressful just because everyday we’re getting new information coming in about what we’re supposed to do and changes to protective equipment that we’re supposed to wear and everyday it’s changing because we’re learning as we go,” says Kim Ortmayer, Pediatric Nurse.

Protecting herself and her patients are even bigger priorities now.  Thankfully, Ortmayer is not treating any patients infected with COVID-19, but she knows that could change at any moment while taking care of 17 children in her unit.

We are assuming everyone is positive instead of assuming that everyone is negative to protect everyone,” says Ortmayer.

Ortmayer says they are re-using N-95 masks often.  But she says the hospital do have enough ventilators.