CATS Bus Driver Fears For Safety Over Crowded Buses, Colleague Tests Positive For Virus

CHARLOTTE — Crowded buses and frightened drivers.  Many CATS bus drivers say they fear for their own safety after one of their colleagues tested positive for coronavirus.

One bus driver told WCCB Charlotte she’s driven as many as 40 passengers on her bus at me time and she believes that’s putting herself and others at risk of being infected.  She snapped a photo of her crowded bus. People standing side by side.  No social distancing here.

CATS sent out a letter Saturday to employees informing them a worker tested positive for the virus.  We’re told it was not a bus driver.  Many drivers told us they feel they could be infected next.

“It’s actually making me sick.  It’s hard to concentrate because you’re worried if you’re going to contract something, take it home to your families, it’s just scary,” one CATS driver said.

We asked CATS what they planned to do about the crowded buses. In a statement they said in part, “The social distancing issue on buses is unacceptable but something we can fix quickly.  Additional buses can be dispatched on routes,” said Juliann Sheldon, a CATS Spokesperson.

CATS also suggests their riders wear cloth face masks.