Local Church Spreading Love, Support On Easter To Community During Coronavirus Crisis

CHARLOTTE — On this Easter Sunday, a local church congregation spread some love and support to their community during this time of crisis.

Harvest Ministries Outreach Center in Wadesboro held a grocery give-a-way to hundreds of families in need.  People started lining up in the church parking lot at nine this morning and waited until noon for the event to start.

Everyone remained in their cars while the staff delivered non-perishable items, toys, and Easter baskets for the kids.  Everyone, including the Easter bunny practiced social distancing.

“This is a difficult time we’re in a different world right now but it’s still need. folks have been laid off, lost their jobs, money is tight so we just thought let’s put our heads together and see what we can do,” says Pastor Steve Adams, Harvest Ministries Outreach Center.

“It was a different feeling, we still got to serve people got to love on people in the middle of a crisis joining with many community leaders that helped us pull this kind of event off and so I felt very fulfilled that I got to be apart of it,” says Pastor Tim Adams, Harvest Ministries Outreach Center.

Church leaders were thankful to the many people who donated on-line for the give-a-way and Kingdom Citizens Outreach.