Local Plastic Surgeon Warns Against Doing Botox, Filler Injections At Home During Shut-Down

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Lots of people are anxious to get back to their self-care routines, like hair and nails and Botox, post-pandemic. So anxious, in fact, that Rolling Stone just published an article about people so intent on getting their Botox fix, that they are buying product online or curbside from less reputable businesses, watching “how to” videos online, and injecting themselves at home.

Dr. Jack Scheuer at Charlotte Plastic Surgery warns that you could do serious damage if you try to inject Botox or face filler at home. He says, “If it gets in a vessel, it can block one of the vessels feeding the skin, so you could get a wound on your face that may heal with a scar that you can never really get rid of. Or it can travel places you would never expect, like to your eyes. And you can imagine if filler got into the vessel that feeds your eyes. that would be horrible, right?”

Dr. Scheuer says the procedures make look “easy,” but that’s because they’re being done by licensed professionals. He says it will not surprise him if his practice sees an increase in people coming in to have badly done Botox or face filler work fixed, once all businesses are allowed to fully re-open.