55-Acres Of Prime Real Estate, That Panthers Owner David Tepper Has Expressed Interest In, Is Up For Grabs In Uptown

CHARLOTTE, NC. — David Tepper has certainly been a busy guy since buying the Carolina Panthers. Now, there’s an opportunity for the billionaire to move Bank of America Stadium.

Charlotte Pipe and Foundry is moving its operations to Stanly County. Tepper has told reporters he’s interested in the 55-acre site at the corner of South Clarkson Street and West Summit Avenue.

City council member Larken Egleston says he’s not surprised.

“I think it’’ been out there and we’ve always known that there are a few places that you could potentially put a new stadium somewhere down the line. It will obviously be considered if and when that time comes,” says Egleston.

The company released a statement saying in part:

“As plant relocation details are finalized, senior management is evaluating a wide variety of options related to the 55 acres that comprise the current foundry location in uptown Charlotte.”
-Charlotte Pipe and Foundry

Stanly County leaders approved $35 million in local incentives last week. The North Carolina Department of Commerce approved a $15 million Job Maintenance and Capital Development Fund grant for the metal pipe manufacturing company to move to Oakboro. Building a new, state-of-the-art foundry on 428-acres.

“It’s huge for our community and I mean it’s hard to put in words. We’ve been working for a long time to try to make this happen,” says Stanly County manager Andy Lucas.

Lucas says the move will have a huge economic impact on the area.

“When you look at a project like this, at least $325 million investment, 400 jobs in Stanly County. The payroll associated with those jobs are all well above our median and average weekly income.”