NC Secretary Of Health Sends Letter To RNC CEO After President Trump Threatens To Move RNC Over Gov. Cooper’s Coronavirus Restrictions

Gov. Roy Cooper Speaks For First Time Since President Trump Threatened To Move RNC Over Governor’s Coronavirus Restrictions:

Gov. Roy Cooper News Conference (5-26-20)

WATCH LIVE: Gov. Roy Cooper speaks for the first time since President Donald Trump threatened to move the Republican National Convention out of North Carolina over the governor’s coronavirus restrictions.

Posted by WCCB, Charlotte's CW on Tuesday, May 26, 2020

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper said in a news conference that he is not surprised by anything he sees on Twitter.  This comes one day after President Donald Trump took to Twitter to say he would move the Republican National Convention out of Charlotte, North Carolina if Gov. Cooper didn’t change his coronavirus restrictions.

During this afternoon’s news conference, Gov. Cooper said that political responses can be political but pandemic responses can’t be political.  Watch the news conference above for more details.

The Latest(Updated May 26th):

North Carolina Secretary of Health Dr. Mandy Cohen has written a letter to the President and CEO of the Republican National Convention following President Trump’s threat to move the RNC to another state if Governor Cooper’s coronavirus restrictions didn’t allow full participation.

Dr. Cohen sent the following letter to Republican National Convention President and CEO Marcia Lee Kelly:

Dear President Kelly:

Thank you for taking the time to meet by phone on Friday with Governor Cooper, me and Jordan Whichard. As we
discussed, we look forward to continuing to work with you and your team to ensure a safe RNC Convention for your
participants and the people of Charlotte.

I wanted to reach out today as we saw the tweet from President Trump this morning sharing an accelerated decision-making timeline regarding hosting the Convention in Charlotte. 

As we work together, it is important to have a written plan from you and your team as soon as possible for how you plan to approach the COVID-19 safety aspects of the convention.

A written plan provides a necessary and valuable starting point to planning discussions with our public health teams at the county and state l evels. Jordan Whichard from Governor Cooper’s team shared with you the written protocols that NASCAR developed and then refined after discussions with our public health teams which allowed that event to occur in the Charlotte area this past weekend.

While the RNC convention is obviously a very different event with its unique challenges for COVID-19, we hoped it would help illustrate the type of plan that would facilitate further conversations. 

We also discussed on Friday the need to plan for different levels of impact of COVID-19 so the RNC convention logistics could be tailored to the COVID-19 situation we find ourselves in at the end of August.

As you know, North Carolina is now in Phase 2 of easing restrictions but this Saturday we saw our highest day of new lab confirmed COVID-19 cases in North Carolina.

The status of COVID-19 infections in our state and in the Charlotte area continues to rapidly evolve, thus, it will be important to have several scenarios planned that can be deployed depending on th e public health situation. 

I am scheduled to speak with Dr. Jeff Runge first thing tomorrow (May 26th), and I will share with him this same request regarding a written plan to begin discussions and the need to have different scenarios in those plans. 

These measured and careful planning efforts are important not only to convention-goers, but also to the North Carolinians who rely on us to protect the public’s health.

Mandy K. Cohen, MD, MPH

The Latest:

The City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, and Charlotte-Meckelnburg Emergency Management have issued a joint statement after President Trump threatened to move the Republican National Convention over Governor Cooper’s coronavirus restrictions.

The statement reads as follows:

We are in constant communication with our local and federal counterparts to plan and prepare for a safe Republican National Convention (RNC).

The City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County and other local stakeholders will continue to plan for the RNC while respecting national and state guidance regarding the pandemic.

We are working with stakeholders to develop guidelines for several large events planned for Charlotte in the coming months including the RNC and anticipate providing that guidance in June.

Original Story:

WASHINGTON D.C. — President Donald Trump threatens to move the Republican National Convention out of Charlotte over Governor Cooper’s coronavirus restrictions, according to tweets the President made Monday morning.

Trump posted on his Twitter account:

“I love the Great State of North Carolina, so much so that I insisted on having the Republican National Convention in Charlotte at the end of August. Unfortunately, Democrat Governor, Roy Cooper is still in Shutdown mood & unable to guarantee that by August we will be allowed full attendance in the Arena.

In other words, we should be spending millions of dollars building the Arena to a very high standard without even knowing if the Democrat Governor would allow the Republican Party to fully occupy the space. Plans are being made by many thousands of enthusiastic Republicans, and others, to head to beautiful North Carolina in August.

They must be given an answer by the Governor as to whether or not the space will the allowed to be fully occupied. If not, we will be reluctantly forced to find, with all the jobs and economic development it brings, another Republican National Convention site. This is not something I want to do. Thank you, and I LOVE the people of North Carolina!”