A Charlotte Brewery Is Moving To Protect Its Customers With Advanced Air Purifying

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Wednesday was the reopening day for Brewers at 4001 Yancey on Yancey Road. A great feeling, says CEO John Coleman.

“It’s like a grand reopening. It’s like a rebirth for this facility,” Coleman says.

Like many breweries and taprooms, you’ll see servers with masks and gloves, frequent sanitation and physical distancing. But what you don’t see in this taproom:

“An ion is going into the air and it is attacking a pathogen and it is breaking down at cellular or molecular structure. So that it can no longer infect somebody,” says Vice President of Global Plasma Solutions Scott Guggenheim.

They put a bi-polar ionization system in the HVAC system over the weekend. Cleaning the air, deactivating viruses, and other pathogens. Brewers at 4001 Yancey partnered with Charlotte-based Global Plasma Solutions.

“People want to feel safe when they’re going out and this is the only technology available that actually treats the air where the people are inside of a building,” Guggenheim says.

Coleman made the decision after getting feedback from 7,000 customers. Who said in a survey that they wanted more protection from COVID-19.

“Everything and anything that you can do to make me as a consumer feel a little bit safer by coming to your taproom, they would love to see and hear more,” Coleman says.