We’re Getting A Closer Look At How Schools Across North Carolina Will Operate In The Fall

CHARLOTTE, NC. — We’re getting a closer look at how schools across North Carolina will operate in the fall. The State Board of Education approved new operational guidance Thursday.

One thing is clear, school will be different.

If coronavirus cases are stable, the best scenario, Plan A: minimal social distancing.

-all students would be on campus at the same time.
-social distancing would be required in places where people gather.
-recess could be staggered in small groups.
-schools would be required to do daily symptom screening and temperature checks of anyone who comes in the school or buses.


If numbers get worse, Plan B: Moderate social distancing.

– limit the density of people in school facilities to no more than 50% maximum occupancy.
– blended learning for all. For example, students alternating days on-site and off-site.
– school facilities are open but social distancing is required.


Melissa Easley is a 7th-grade teacher in CMS. She’s concerned some schools won’t be able to accommodate.

“I have 30 kids in my class at one point. There’s no way I can fit 30 kids in a social distancing. You know with 6 feet apart. The rooms aren’t that big,” says Easley.


Worst case scenario, Plan C: Back to remote learning.


Carolyn McGrath is a working mother with a six-year-old and eight-year-old in CMS.  She says remote learning has been a challenge.

“Thinking that we might possibly be homeschooling again next fall seems honestly overwhelming to comprehend,” says McGrath.


State leaders are expected to make a decision on July 1st.