More Than A Third Of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Students Are Registered For Full Remote Academy

CHARLOTTE, NC. —   More than a third of Charlotte-Mecklenburg students are registered for full remote learning in the fall.

“I immediately knew that I wanted both children to do full remote. I did not want either of them to go into the building,” says CMS parent Jennifer June.

June’s 11-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter are both in CMS. Her daughter, among the 52,552 students enrolled in the district’s full remote academy. She’s concerned virtual learning will impact her daughter’s quality of learning, with less rigorous work.

“I’m wondering how it’s going to look a couple weeks because I don’t want her to have less work than she would on a typical school day.”

The other roughly 100-thousand students will start August 17th with Plan B plus remote learning. Students will be broken up  into three groups. Rotating in and out of the classroom for two weeks. Then all students will transition to virtual learning on August 31st.  June says regardless of what happens, her children will be staying in remote learning for the rest of the year. But she has questions for district leaders.

“I just need to know what it’s going to be like and what a typical day or week is going to be like.”

Registration for the full remote academy ended on Sunday. Once enrolled, students are in it for the rest of the year. Unless parents choose to opt out at the end of the semester.