CMS Superintendent Speaking Out About The District’s Difficult Back To School Decision

CHARLOTTE, NC. — In the age of COVID-19, there’s no perfect decision on going back to school says Superintendent Earnest Winston.

“What we want to do is acknowledge those concerns that our students, our teachers have and we want to help them understand all the preparations that are being made for their safe return to a school environment,” says Superintendent Winston.

Dozens of CMS teachers voiced health concerns about Plan B plus remote learning. Students will be broken up into three groups, rotating in and out of the classroom for two weeks. Then all students will transition to virtual learning on August 31st.

“We believe that is extremely important to have a two week period before we move into a full remote environment. So that we can give our students an opportunity to meet and connect with their teachers, their peers, get all of the necessary tools and resources that they need.”

WCCB Charlotte’s Alexandra Elich pressed Winston if there is any consideration to revise the plan to all remote learning. Like in Wake County.

“That is always an option. Because as we know the information that we are receiving about this pandemic is changing daily. Sometimes on an hourly basis. So we have to make decisions with the best information that we have at that particular time.”

The superintendent says the first two weeks of school will be all hands on deck.

“Everyone at the schoolhouse we will be deployed, members from our central office team, to support our schools so that teaching and learning particularly during those first two weeks where students are in person. That we do not miss a beat.”