Despite Positive COVID Metrics, Mecklenburg County Leaders Urge Public To Not Let Their Guard Down

CHARLOTTE, NC.– Coronavirus percent positivity rate, new cases and hospitalizations are all trending downward in Mecklenburg County. It’s great news. But as school starts across our area on Monday, doctors warn if we let our guard down now we can easily see another spike.

Carolyn McGrath is the mother of a six-year-old and eight-year-old in CMS.

“I think it makes sense. I mean we all hope that at some point in the school year will be able to meet our teachers in person. For my family, I think it’s no different. Will continue to wear masks and try to keep all the same protocols in place and to be careful,” says McGrath.

Dr. Karan Shukla is with Novant Health. He says another concern, flu season. Urging people to still get their flu shots. He says the flu and coronavirus spread in similar ways.

“The active measures we’re taking to prevent coronavirus infections are going to be very helpful for us in terms of hand hygiene, the guarding for coughing and sneezing, the use of masks. It’s all going to be very helpful,” says Dr. Shukla.

McGrath says as the school year continues, she’ll stay calm and trust her doctor.

“I think it’s going to be interesting as everybody gets the sniffles in the fall, and kids do get other little bugs. The default reaction is to assume maybe it’s COVID,” says McGrath.