Demonstrators Protest In Uptown Ahead of RNC Convention Monday

CHARLOTTE— About 40 demonstrators took to the streets of Uptown Friday night protesting Monday’s Republican National Convention.
Dozens of CMPD officers followed the group as they marched along MLK Boulevard.
Meanwhile, dozens of delegates arrived in Charlotte Friday, all of them excited to hear President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are expected to attend the event.

“That would certainly give us an awful lot of energy coming out of this meeting, and set the table for all the prime time convention coverage the following week” says Nick Langworthy, NY Republican Party Chairman.
This will certainly be an unconventional convention.  Hundreds of people, not thousands are gathering for the event..a much smaller crowd due to COVID-19.

County health officials say the public’s health is a top priority.

“No gathering is risk free,” says Gibbie Harris, Mecklenburg County Public Health Director.

But, despite the unusual circumstances, 336 delegates from all across the country are gearing up to handle the party’s most important business, renominating President Trump.