ABC Law Enforcement Agencies Announce COVID-19 Education & Enforcement Understanding

CHARLOTTE, NC — Yesterday, with support from both the Mecklenburg County Health Department and State’s NC ALE division, local ABC law enforcement agencies, Mecklenburg County ABC Law Enforcement and CMPD ABC Unit, met to form a joint cooperative understanding and coordinated effort with the goals to:

• Clearly delineate coordination and communication on matters of enforcement between the three units
• Identify needed points of clarity, and from whom
• Identify any key messages for communication to bar/restaurant owner operators and the general public

Kevin Stone, ABC Law Enforcement Chief, said, “We recently heard from some of our ABC permittees who are frustrated with the devastating impact to their business and worker’s livelihoods when non-compliant establishments require authorities to impose more restrictive measures that further compound business hardships on those who are in compliance. We are now going to take a stronger enforcement stance to support the law abiding businesses so they can open their doors sooner. Our goal is to partner with permitted establishments to ensure responsible selling that reduces public health and safety risks in our community.”

Both the Mecklenburg County ABC Board ABC Law Enforcement Division and CMPD ABC Unit want to further emphasize to the public that, they too, play an equally important role in reducing COVID-19 by adhering to the guidelines so that these establishments CAN stay open.

CEO, Keva Walton, “The ordinances are in affect and we all have a responsibility to honor the terms of the ordinances. In addition to these ABC officer’s joint cooperative work with permit holders, each individual customer can and should participate in helping business owners not be in violation by complying with protocols and guidelines established to prevent the spread of COVID-19,” Walton said.