New Safety Protocols Released For Hoppin’ After Viral Video Shows Woman Drinking From Tap

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Hoppin’ is implementing new safety protocols to “ensure the safety of our patrons” after a viral video shows a customer drinking directly from the tap at the popular SouthEnd bar over the weekend.

The follow steps will be implemented at Hoppin’ moving forward:

  • Stanchions have been placed along the tap wall to create an entrance exit to tap wall
  • A security guard will be present Tuesday through Sunday to monitor the tap wall
  • A manager will be assigned to the tap wall to ensure the cleanliness of the tap wall on Monday when a security guard is not present
  • Taps will continue to be cleaned and sanitized routinely
  • The tap that was contaminated (tap 17) has been deactivated and will not be used for the foreseeable future
  • The upstairs tap wall will be shut off unless a manager or security guard is available to monitor
  • All wristbands will continue to be sanitized between each use

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Original Story (Posted: August 30, 2020):

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A self-pour taproom in South End is closed after a viral video shows a woman drinking directly from a tap.

In a video posted to Reddit, you can see a woman drinking directly from one of the taps at Hoppin’ on Saturday night, while people cheer her on.

Hoppin’ released a statement saying the incident will not be tolerated and that the woman has been permanently banned.

Hoppin’ says staff is spending the day making sure everything is cleaned and sanitized.