Health Officials Warn Residents To Be Vigilant During Holidays To Stop The Spread Of Covid-19

CHARLOTTE — Don’t let your guard down.  That’s the message from Mecklenburg County Health Officials following a spike in Coronavirus cases across the state.  They’re warning people as we head into the holiday season.  Halloween is just a few weeks away, and county health leaders are worried people will gather in large groups, which could lead to a rise in Covid-19 cases in Mecklenburg County.

Rachel Brummert contracted Covid-19 back in March.  We talked to her shortly after she discovered she caught the virus, despite self-isolating at home for weeks.  Doctors later traced her exposure to a pharmacy’s keypad.  7 months later, Brummert is still on the road to recovery.

“I do have scarring in my lungs so I do have trouble breathing sometimes, and I do need supplemental oxygen once in a while, but overall I’m feeling very well,” says Brummert.

It took her two months to recover.  And, now, she’s still not comfortable leaving her home.

“I try not to go out if I don’t have to just because I don’t feel that this is over yet, and I feel like a lot of people are not taking it as seriously as they should,” she says.

Mecklenburg County Health Officials are concerned too.  And, they’re reminding people to remain vigilant to stop the spread.

“Right now our numbers continue to be fairly stable, but we are seeing numbers throughout the state going up and we want to keep ours stable here in Mecklenburg County,” says Gibbie Harris, Mecklenburg County Public Health Director.

Halloween is fast approaching.  The county warns if you plan to trick or treat, don’t go to areas where it’s crowded, and don’t go to places where you have to put your hand in a bowl to get candy.

They’re also asking people to individually wrap candy.