Charlotte’s Own Rapper DaBaby Pushes ‘Vote Baby Vote’ Rally

CHARLOTTE — It was a star-studded push to get people out to the polls on Election Day.  Charlotte’s own rapper, DaBaby, invited hundreds out to his ‘Vote Baby Vote’ Party at the Polls event Saturday at West Charlotte High School.

Everyone enjoyed free food, live music, and even a special guest.  Rapper Common, as well as DaBaby told WCCB News why this election is so important.

 “If you look at your block, and see the conditions of your block, you can change the conditions of your block not only through self empowerment and community change, but through voting,” says Rapper-Activist, Common.

“Not only do we just like being involved with people period, we like bringing people together and creating an environment for people to have a good time. We understand how important this year’s election is especially with North Carolina, we’re a state that’s really up for grabs, a battleground state”,” says Rapper, DaBaby. 

DaBaby also plans to show up at various polling locations across Charlotte on Election Day.