Hidden Gems of CLT: Underground Truffle

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CHARLOTTE, NC —  What are you missing in your favorite neighborhood? WCCB Charlotte’s Alexandra Elich explores tucked away spots, historic businesses, and secret gardens in the middle of our bustling city.

On this week’s Hidden Gems of Charlotte, Alex visits The Underground Truffle.

Esa Weinreb owns the the vegan bean-to-  bar chocolate lab.  Her love affair with chocolate starting at a young age when she moved to Charlotte from London.

“When I moved to Charlotte as an adolescent I couldn’t find like my favorite chocolate. When I would go visit my family like my grandmother and my aunt in Europe, I would feel like half the suitcase up with chocolate,” says Weinreb.

15 years ago Weinreb started making chocolate from scratch for fun.

“I was like kind of self-taught, I mean I would read a lot I would look at people who were doing it online or videos and stuff,” says Weinreb.

At the time she was an interior designer, but on the side she started selling her chocolates at the local farmers market.

“That just kept growing and finally we kind of ran out of space where we were making the chocolate and decided we needed a bigger space, according to Weinreb.

This hidden gem tucked away on Fulton Avenue in Plaza Midwood opened in 2018.

“Whenever I set my mind to something, I usually do it. It’s like I have no doubt it’s going to happen,” says Weinreb.

If you ask why she’s so passionate about chocolate: “I think it’s because I like making people happy, ” says Weinreb.

The Underground Truffle also offers classes on how to make chocolate and and learn about where it comes from.

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