Sex & Spending: Post-Pandemic Society Will Be Wild, Predicts Yale Professor

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Buckle up! After we get this pandemic behind us, we are in for a wild time! That’s according to a new book written by a Yale professor. Dr. Nicholas Christakis is also a social epidemiologist. In his new book called Apollo’s Arrow: The Profound and Enduring Impact of Coronavirus on The Way We Live, he says society will make up for lost time as soon as it’s safe to.

In the New York Post‘s article about the book, the reporter explains that means more sex. A decrease in religiosity. And an economic boom. Christakis says that outcome is predictable because while the pandemic is new to us, it is not a new phenomenon in human history. Christakis also told The Guardian that, “Many people seem to think it’s the actions of our government that are causing the economy to slow — that’s false. It’s the virus that’s causing the economy to slow, because economies collapsed even in ancient times when plagues happened, even when there was no government saying, ‘close the schools and close the restaurants.'”

Our question of the night: what’s the first thing you’ll do post-pandemic?

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