Airbnb Cancels All Short-Term Reservations In D.C. Next Week As Security Tightens

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Donald Trump has become the first United States President to be impeached twice. The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives passed the impeachment resolution that charges Trump with incitement of insurrection, after the riot at the Capitol, which left five people dead.

Trump will now face a second Senate trial. If convicted of the charge, he would be disqualified from holding public office ever again.

All of that, while an unprecedented security effort is underway in DC. The National Guard is arriving in droves. Even CMPD says it will send officers to help secure the area ahead of next week’s inauguration. And, in an effort to de-escalate violence and ensure a peaceful transfer of power, Airbnb will cancel all short-term reservations in the nation’s capital for the week of the inauguration. The platform says it has identified and banned “numerous individuals” from its service who had participated in the Capitol riots or were linked to “known hate groups.” The site will not allow for new reservations to be made, either.

Our question of the night: how do you think the transfer of power will go?

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