NBA Tosses Around Idea Of Getting Players Vaccinated Against COVID ASAP

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – NBA Commissioner Adam Silver says the league has discussed the idea of players receiving the COVID-19 vaccine to educate and influence the public. In particular, to influence the African-American community, saying historically, there has been resistance to vaccinations for understandable reasons.

Silver insists having the league vaccinated would, “be a real public health benefit and would demonstrate that the vaccine is safe and effective.” No final decisions have been made as of yet, but Silver insists that anything the league does will be fully transparent in conjunction with public health authorities.

Twitter users chimed in with mixed feelings. One user wrote, “Players should not be allowed to jump the line so they can go to the strip clubs. Take the same precautions and wait it out like the rest of us.” But another wrote, “1000 percent, it’s meant to be a public health effort to help marginalized and at-risk communities. No one is trying to give them more privilege.”

Our question of the night: is it selfless or selfish?

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